Nuts’n Bolts

I currently use a machine running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Core 2 duo 2.0-3.1 GHz processor with 4-6GB RAM. The following is the software I use to compete in the information age:

Statistical & Econometric Analysis: R (primary), Stata, and SAS.

Typesetting: TeXShop (LaTeX editor), with TikZ for diagrams.

Writing code: TextWrangler (RStudio also looks promising) — for help with setting TextWrangler up to work seamlessly with R, see this post or this post.

Presentations: KeyNote with LaTeXiT

Bibliography organization (& interface with LaTeX): JabRef

Other handy applications useful to the graduate student:

Notational Velocity (synced with Simplenote)




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  1. Have you tried Deducer as a GUI for R? It includes a GUI for ggplot which I think is awesome. Also Mendeley works great for me in bibliographic organizations, syncing my PDFs online and mantaining my .bib file always up to date.

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