ECNS 561

This is a page where I will nonchalantly and unreliably post answers to the applied section of Dr. Anton Bekkerman’s ECNS 561: Econometrics I homework assignments using the [R] language.  NOTE: Answers will be posted after assignments are handed in.  If you need any code help to do the homework, see the rest of my informative blog pages and/or let me know.

SAS LAB & SAS in class

  • R Code for SAS Lab – Dr. Anton Bekkerman’s SAS lab guide re-written in R language.  (Dr. Bekkerman’s SAS guide is available here)
  • Correlation Simulation
  • Joint Probability Simulation
  • Introduction to Functions

HOMEWORKS (Applied Sections Only)

  • Assignment 1 – “Political Parties and Pets”: Code available here (must download the Google doc assign1.r).
  • Assignment 2 – “Simulation Analsys & Hypothesis Tests”: Code available here
  • Assignment 3 – “Blood Pressure and Weight”: Code available here
  • Assignment 4 – coming soon…

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