TikZ for economists: A how-to guide with examples

Below is a guide I created to assist economists in quickly creating economics diagrams using the package TikZ in LaTeX.

Thoughts, comments, ideas? Let me know; I’m always appreciative of feedback. Correspondence via e-mail can be directed to kevingoulding [at] gmail {dot} com.


4 thoughts on “TikZ for economists: A how-to guide with examples

    1. Louis – you sure can. Click the “view on slideshare” button located in the lower left-hand part of the embedded image (above). This will take you to the Slideshare web site. Once there, get a free login name. Then you can download and print the full .pdf. Hope this helps-

  1. This is really nice, thanks. I cannot download it, though. (I read your comment from above, as I do not use FB or LinkedIn.) It would be really nice if the pdf could be hosted somewhere.

    Slideshare is not nice anyway. NoScript detects what it believes is a clickjacking attack.

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